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House of Chi

​Definately one of the most gifted healers I know. I always call her after any type of Surgery. You are Sick of being Sick, from PILLS, Surgery, Arthritis, Migraines, Vertigo just to name a few of the problems Theresa has help me solve with her extremely affective manipulations. Much Much deeper than regular massage without the bruising. She does lymphatic drainage as well. I had an infection in my tooth after she finished it was gone by evening. I am on a fixed income my optimum health care is really important I will continue to work with Theresa.

Ilse G.
I absolutely love Marie Theresa and her therapeutic and healing capacities! Marie Theresa is helping me and my 2 year old son with cranial sacral massage and we feel amazing! I feel more balanced, relaxed and our immune system is so much stronger now. Everyone is noticing how much joy my little one is feeling since we started the massages! Thank you for your help and your love, Marie Theresa!

Bill S. 
I was fortunate enough to meet Maria and have a preliminary consultation. I was dealing with some acute stress.
Once she found out that I had been a firefighter for many years, she geared her treatment to help me let go of much of the trauma I had witnessed in my profession. Her two hour treatment was an excellent experience as I could feel myself become lighter and my head become clearer. She knew what to do and how to do it. I left feeling like my anxiety had been lessened and broken up and that it will continue to pass. When I return to the area, I will definitely see Maria, and experience her skills, for another session.

Miss B.

10/8/2017 I called Ms. Marie Theresa to book two last minute massages (lymphatic drainage and relaxation), as she professionally suggested, for my husbands birthday. Ms. Marie Theresa was amazing!!! The information she provided was very educational and her services were more than outstanding!! My husband and I were two weeks out of the hospital as we had just given birth to our first child and this was the perfect gift for both him and I! Ms. Marie Theresa was very delicate, knowledgeable, prompt, and just provided an all around beautiful experience for us! I highly recommend her services as she brings such a peaceful energy and she knows exactly what she's doing!! My husband and I slept like babies!! We will only be booking her for our future massages and recommended her to our friends and family!!! (**Side note: I felt like I've known her for years as she has such a sweet spirit! She even sang happy birthday to my husband for his surprise bday gift) I cannot stress how thankful I am to have experienced her services and to have met Ms. Marie Theresa!! ((Thank you for everything!!))

Jade A.

10/8/2017 Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have met Marie Theresa. I had been suffering from pain in my right shoulder for 9 months! It was a combination of tendonitis, an impingement and emotional blockage, which I realized later was also hindering me from truly getting better. I had gone through physical therapy which was very helpful, however, I still had pain there that wasn't going away. Marie's work on me helped not only on the physical level to release tension, but I also experienced what I'll call my own 'visions' which helped me on an emotional level that in turn led me to release emotional pain I was holding onto in my shoulder. Marie also coached me in some daily changes to continue the healing process and within just a few weeks after my session with her, I couldn't believe how good I felt. I thought my shoulder was going to be like this forever and would never get better, so being able to use my shoulder again has been like a huge burden lifted from me!!! I am a professional Polynesian dancer and every time I performed, I would be in so much pain. Receiving this kind of healing was really the best thing ever, being able to function in my daily routines again and to dance again with no pain! Thank you so much Marie Theresa! :)​

Olivier Mouillet

Theresa is for me the best massage therapist out there and she has a beautiful personality! 
Thank you Theresa for sharing your knowledge as well as your healing hands! It is always wonderful experience.

Ralph Johnson

If you`re looking for good massage therapist, then you`ve founded it. I assure you that you will get very professional manner and attitude, thorough, sensitive and very effective massage therapy.

Marie is a highly intuitive healer, incredibly sensitive and specialized in bringing the body back into balance.  She is profoundly skilled in very special massage techniques and alternative healing modalities.  

Whether one is seeking lymph drainage, acupressure, Thai, Swedish, deep tissue, Reiki or other energy works, she is the fusion of healing for this blessed enough to be in her table.

Her hands felt like rhythmic dance of intense heat, scanning, locating and assisting every area to release, stored tension and "dis" ease.

She provides an opportunity to let go during her sessions.

Her energy is dynamic.  Yet, her skill is second to none. She is quiet during the massage, plays the most beautiful healing music, allows for deep relaxation and an truly an outer body experience.  

I would give this experience more stars if I had the option.  Thank you, Marie, for the most beautiful, healing, relaxing and memorable massage...

Matt W.
Great, educated, articulate therapist who is trained in many modalities: acupressure, lymphatic drainage, trigger point, shiatsu, and reiki.  House of Chi, run by Marie Theresa Davis, is mobile and comes to offices, yachts, events, or wherever your massage needs appear. We have had her for Massage Fridays at our office where she spends the afternoon kneading the stress out of our programmers' necks.  I have used her before and after athletic events and consider once a week to be necessary as I work out at Orange Theory Fitness on South Beach and Title Boxing in midtown.  Call in advance as she books up.

Shelly O.

I was on a yacht on vacation this past weekend in Miami and Marie Theresa Davis was the masseuse on board. She gave me one of the best massages I have ever gotten. If you are ever in need of massage call her up. Not only was she nice she gave me helpful healing advice for my back. She has a skincare line as well. I was only staying the weekend and didn't have much time or else I would have paid for a facial.

Fernando M.

I've going for massages with different masseuses for 20 years, the last five with Marie Theresa, once I tried her treatment I found out what a therapeutic massage should be, once you try her you stay with her, she has also done facials on me, great as well, I tried the acne lotion and it has worked wonderfully. 

I highly recommend all the services that she offers.

Frank W., Broward County 
My wife had a stroke 2 years ago and now has Dementia resulting in physical hostility and aggressive behavior, thanks to Marie's Cranialsacral Therapy treatments, my wife is becoming more peaceful and relaxed between her episodes. Thank you. Marie.

I am under constant stress, and I know that the work that Marie does on me, cranialsacral therapy, is what helps me, keep it together. Broward county Frank.

Athena S.
San Francisco, CA

Guaranteed release of tension within the body. Marie reaches deep muscles I haven't ever felt manipulated. You will leave the table more in tuned to your body, helpful if you have problems disassociating. Worth every penny, she is also an encyclopedia of knowledge. If you have a question involving the body she is eager to educate as well as heal.

Katherine H.
Edgewater, Miami, FL

Amazing !! I had so much stress, she helped me relax decompress and feel so much better. Highly recommended for anyone that is going through stress or suffering from anxiety.

Loved it !!

Sumariya N.
Miami Beach, FL

I got a prenatal massage from Marie.  She was very professional & had a prenatal table.  If you are looking for a relaxing experience from the comfort of your home go with her.

The Forever Squad P.
San Francisco, CA

My spouse and I received the most incredible, relieving, massage ever from Theresa. I was very nervous and sore because I just had surgery the day prior. Theresa made me feel relaxed and the massage was wonderful. I appreciate her service.

William D.
Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

I have been a customer since 2016. I had rotator cuff issues for a while and she fixed the problem in one weekend. I always make an appointment when in Miami. Highly recommended. She has more than deep tissue massages to help with whatever is bothering you!!!

​Lisa A.
West Haven, CT

I stumbled upon Theresa while on vacation through the internet looking for someone to perform Cranial Sacral and she has been a God send to aid me in my healing journey. A true professional, and was also able to combine Lymphatic drainage with the Cranial Sacral which is amazing. I always make a point to see Theresa when I'm in town and she always keeps I'm touch.
Lisa A

Joelle W.
Hallandale Beach, FL

Ms Theresa was very professional and her prenatal massage was great. The whole 1.5 hour was amazing. This was my 1st massage ever and it was great. (The next day I had my beautiful little girl)


Natalie S.
Aventura, FL

Professional and safe. I had sciatica pain and lower and upper back pain as well. She performed an excellent massage therapy, I feel so relaxed and calm. Also she taught me how to stretch and it was very helpful.


I begin to experience some acute anxiety. Being that my life is going well, and I have no particular reason to feel anxious, it sent me into a quandary. The more I tried to think my way out of it the worse it became. Fortunately my paths crossed with Marie Theresa Davis at an introduction. After spending some time with her, and discussing my past, she helped me realize the roots of my situation. I had been a fireman in Chicago for 37 years. Even though I have been retired a while, she helped me see how I carried some of that past trauma that I experienced, both in my mind, and also trapped in my body. Through her gentle intervention and understanding, she would help me understand why it was important for me to be able to let go of what I had been holding on to. As a firefighter, and first responders, we face what other people are able to turn their heads away from. We all think we are tough guys or gals, and can handle it. What we don't know is, that if we do not let go of it, it will either come out sideways, or it will affect us in our own health, or possibly our relationships with ourselves, and others. Her treatment opened the gates for me, and little by little I have been able to let go of what had a hold on me. I would totally recommend her services to any first responder, as we have all witnessed trauma in our careers, and are not always sure what to do with the feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

William S.
Chicago Fire Department


Letter of Recommendation​​

Marie Theresa Davis

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